Re: Seasons Greetings
by weifeng1989
Firstly I want to explain one important thing about this article and that is, cartier love ring white gold not an expert or computer technician nor am I versant in all the SEO techniques, Simply I am a Silver Jewelry Manufacturer who had to build a web site on a budget and really as a catalogue and show room for customers .Everything in this article has been tested by me and put into action, cheaply and effectively with budgets in mind. When I started this project my knowledge base was almost zero on the mechanics of web sites, so if you follow the steps and advice that I am about to give, you will end up with a truly workable cartier love ring rose gold Web site at an economical price.We are going to start off by selecting a company to build our site, here is the first tip to save money .Do not use a company that ties you into a monthly account for construction and ongoing maintenance, buy your web site outright. There are hundreds of Internet web designers on the Internet crying out for work, and if you can find an Asian internet design company you will save hundreds of cartier rings for women to start with, just like we did ,the company we used is called which were extremely cheap and professional.Once you have found your company you will need to register a domain name, you will find lots of companies on the web were you can research a name, its best if the name has something to do with what your web site is about, for example if you sell shell jewelry, try and register a name with the word shell, seashell, coral, or the name of a shell in the title. Your web designer will also be able to help with this and id recommend you discuss were to host your site with your web designer as well.Next you need to make a list of what features you want on your cartier rings for sale web site ,my recommendations are as follow, no 1 the web site should be a data base driven web site.No2 it should have a system for being able to update prices in individual categories by percentage base. No 3 if you sell rings, you will need a drop down menu next to each ring were people can select there ring size.No4 you will need a good graphics system for uploading photos. Tip check out other web sites, when you find one you like forward the URL to your designer, he can take the graphic size details from that source.Research the Internet for Tips on SEO optimization, every thing you need to know is already available and free. When you understand what you want for your on page optimization just forward the wording to your designer to include on your site. cartier love bracelet gold price will need to research Title Tags, Meta Tags and Description, spend some time reading about the different SEO practices before you start your web site and compile all the information for your Web Designer, it will save you a lot of money in the end.
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