Second Life is an internet-based virtual world, developed by Linden Lab. It is a 3D virtual community created entirely by its members. Members assume an identity (a customised 3D representation of themselves - an avatar) and can then move around the virtual world using the keyboard and mouse.

A number of real-life places and buildings have been created within Second Life and it is possible for your avatar to visit and explore these different places.

In order to use Second Life it is necessary to download a small program - the Second Life Viewer - and to register with the virtual world, and thus become a "resident". It is possible to become a member for free, but the virtual world does have its own currency (the Linden dollar) and their is a recognised exchange rate between the Linden dollar and the pound.

Residents can buy property, start businesses, play games with other residents, create objects, join clubs, attend classes, or just hang out. The detailed look of Second Life is remarkable, making it an instant guilty pleasure.

For those of you that are missing out on following Torquay United in the "real world" during the summer months, A Second Life group has been created - "Torquay United Supporters" so that fans can meet up and talk all things related to Torquay United Football Club.

Once you have registered with Seond Life, search the groups for "Torquay United Supporters" and join in the fun.