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About the Gloucester Gulls...

Is anyone out there a Torquay United fan ?

The above headline appeared in the Gloucester evening newspaper 'The Citizen' (Tuesday, May 19, 1998) shortly before Torquay United's appearance in the Third Division play-off final at Wembley. The article was an appeal on behalf of Torquay United soccer fan Andrew Cowling for other Torquay fans to go with him to Wembley.

Much interest was generated as a result of the story, with Andrew appearing on local radio and television to further publicise his appeal. As a consequence 39 Torquay United fans based in the Gloucester area travelled to Wembley where the team unfortunately lost 1-0 to Colchester United. It did however prove that there was a strong interest in Torquay United and the Gloucester Gulls Torquay United Supporters Club was formed.

The Gloucester Gulls soon came to the conclusion that travelling to games together, particularly by car-sharing, made sense both economically and environmentally. It was also felt that it was better to be angry and miserable with friends around you than making the long track back from home and away games alone.


Membership of the Gloucester Gulls is currently free. You don't even need to live within the Gloucester area to become a member. Anyone who is interested in sharing the mixed emotions caused by supporting Torquay United is welcome to become a member. Refer to the Contact Us page for details on how to contact the Gloucester Gulls.

Gloucester Gulls Gazette

In addition to the shared camaraderie of being a Gloucester Gulls, you will also receive the Gloucester Gulls Gazette. A newsletter produced (roughly) quarterly, providing updates on everything happening at Plainmoor. The newsletter is most famous for having a regular football-related quiz which does not offer a prize to the winner - only the satisfaction of being a right clever dick !

Travel to home, and some away, games

A major benefit of the Gloucester Gulls is the ability to travel relatively cheaply to home, and some away, games by car-sharing. Shared costs makes it possible for people to go to matches who could not otherwise afford to travel alone.

Social events

As with any club, or society, the social events form a major aspect for the members of the Gloucester Gulls. In addition to a monthly (during the football season) meeting, other social events such as ten-pin bowling and evenings out are also arranged.

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